Posted by: theoriginalmiss | April 5, 2015

The 24 Hour Project 2015 – #24hr15_Sydney

The 24 Hour Project is an international street photography project that aims to portray humanity around the globe in pictures.   The idea is to post one photograph an hour for 24 hours on March 21st – that is from 00:01hrs to 24:00hrs on that day. This year’s “theme” was “the human condition” and  attracted 2030 photographers in 650 cities  from 101 countries.

Since the project takes you around your city in the wee hours of the morning, it is a good idea to have a buddy or two, not only obviously for safety, but also for that much needed morale booster when sleep deprivation starts to get the better of you.  I buddied up with my Instagram friend @womskyimages, but we found much needed support and cheering from the sidelines, not only from friends and family in Sydney, but also from Instagram pals around Australia and the world over.

Below is my 24 Hour Project – 24 hours in Sydney on March 21st 2015.  The photos with times that end with an * are the ones I posted to Instagram at the time.  The remainder are from my camera roll, indeed a couple are in fact the better photo: that however is the challenge of the 24 Hour Project.  Keeping your creativity alive and in control whilst trying to overcome waves of tiredness is no mean feat: if you look carefully, you will notice a couple of gaps in shooting, where I succumbed to sleep, hunger or just plain lack of inspiration!  Images of other street photographers can be found under the hashtags #24hourproject , #24hr15 and #24hr15_city – for instance, for Sydney search #24hr15_Sydney.

The project was created by Renzo Grande ( @aliveinnyc  on Instagram) and Sam Smotherman ( @whittiersam on Instagram).  Details of the project, photos from around the world and ways in which you can support it – I found the T-shirt a really nice fit – can be found here:




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