Posted by: theoriginalmiss | October 26, 2016

The 24 Hour Project 2016 – #24hr16_sydney

This year, the 24 Hour Project here in Sydney was awesome, not least because we were joined by one of the co-founders of the project, Renzo Grande, all the way from New York. As the Ambassador for Sydney, I made sure he was well looked after whilst he was here and he even stayed at my place.  Let me remind you… the 24 Hour Project is a social media project set up a few years back by Renzo Grande in New York city and fellow Instagramer / photographer Sam Smotherman who is based in Los Angeles.  From its humble beginnings as a project between the two street photographers to show each other their cities, the 24 Hour Project has mushroomed as street and documentary photographers around the globe share their images of humanity in their cities, one photograph at a time for 24 hours via social media!

Renzo elected to run the Project this year in support of the NGO “She Has Hope” which rescues and rehabilitates human trafficking survivors. So not only did we have a great time documenting our cities during the 24 hours of March 19th, 2016, but we also supported and raised the profile of a very worth cause.

With my Ambassador hat on, I approached the Apple Store in Sydney about holding a related event, and they were most accomodating in setting up a special Street Photography Masterclass starring Renzo – the day after he flew in, and the day before the Project!! Annette, my partner in crime at @igerssydney, and I finishing it off by talking about shooting street with our iPhones. The venue was packed: it was so exhilarating.

Also thanks to local boy, exhibition organiser and generally all round nice guy Geoff of GKJE Gallery 1, we had the previous year’s 24 Hour Project exhibition on show in King’s Cross in a pop up container gallery, timed to finish a couple of days after this year’s Project. This was massively convenient and ended up being the hub for Sydney, which meant we all had a safe place to run to when we needed down time and gave us a space to get to know each other.  We were quite a group: last year’s #24hr15_sydney has a mere 191 posts tagged to it, whilst #24hr16_sydney has 595!  This year the Project as a whole bloomed with 2,785 participants joining in from 718 cities in 107 countries.  It was so cool to be a part of that! If you’d like to see the photos from around the world, then have a look here at the hashtag #24hr16.

The reason it has taken me over 6 months to post this is because whilst I was actually doing the 24 Hour Project I was also awaiting the results of an ultimately not-so-good biopsy  – need I say more… apart from I’m having treatment and I’m getting better and on the mend now.  Enough of that as I shall probably do a more in-depth post about that with photos at a later date.  Meanwhile, here is a selection of my 24 Hour Project shots!  I know there are more than 24, that is the customary one an hour, but I decided to include those I posted to social after the Project and hashtagged #24hourproject_leftovers!  Let me know what you think… or even better, join us next year!




  1. Great pictures! “Gute Besserung!”

    • Thank you. I like your Sculptures by the Sea photos…don’t feel I need to go now!!! And that surf….! Nice job.

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