Posted by: theoriginalmiss | December 2, 2014

The Word on the Street

The current growth economy at play in industrial nations is broken, wreaking havoc with our environment and breaking apart our social systems. The divide between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots, continues to grow in spite of neo-liberalism’s claim to close it.  The much-touted trickle-down effect seems to have been stopped in its tracks.  “The Word On The Street” is that there are alternatives.

This ongoing series is a collaboration with the Post Growth Institute who provided the words juxtaposed with each of my photographs.  They serve to act like creative seeds, intended to spark debate about the alternatives to our current economic system.  We are asked to consider instead a system no longer reliant on perpetual growth, but rather one that is built on equity; a system that is driven by a purpose greater than money; and to imagine our communities and our commerce as if money and profit no longer matter over the universal health and vitality of our lives and our planet.

As an artist and an environmentalist, I believe art has a central role to play in our turbulent times to inform, inspire and question our uncertain future. The black and white street photography behind the words depict everyday scenes of our denatured and urbanised lives.  Showing people, anonymous, side-on or in shade, I attempt to highlight the increasing disconnection and isolation we find in our contemporary urban lives. I use light, shadow and silhouette like a form of printmaking, not to tell an individual story here, but to initiate a dialogue about our collective future.

This series of work is still in progress.


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