Posted by: theoriginalmiss | June 5, 2013

Laneways Street Art Project 2013

In a previous post back in April, I talked about “Street Art” and a project run through Nexus, Collaboration, Innovation.  The Laneways Street Art Project 2013 is a collaborative project by Leonie Robison, Morgan Veness and Elahe Rajabiani in collaboration with Sally Marwood from the College of Fine Arts (COFA) and local businesses, the Arts Hotel, Berkelouw Books and 7/11.  The project has seen them participating in not only the designs that will go in the laneway, but also the development application process required.

This process they have been through has lead them to conclude that in order to make a powerful initial visual statement simplicity is key.  This afternoon, I and other members of our Nexus, Collaboration, Innovation group were invited to start on the first stage of the Laneways Project.  Whilst I took the role of official iPhoneographer, the rest of the group participated by painting the designs in black and white in the areas already designated for the project, whilst awaiting the DA to go ahead for the rest of the Laneways Project.   The designs were geometric in black and white only and relates to the street art in Taylor Square.

The next stage of the Project will be the call for applications for exhibitors in “The Laneways Gallery Space”.  Their information brochure explains:

“The Laneways Gallery Space is a non-traditional space administered and curated by members of the Nexus, Collaboration, and Innovation group within COFA, providing a unique experience to produce street art in a controlled environment.

The Laneways Gallery provides a nexus between the community and COFA, a venue to display some of the best that COFA has to offer, and to invite the wider community into enjoy it.”

Unfortunately fading light meant I was unable to take photos of the final work, but this small, first stage of the work can be seen on Iona Lane and Rosebud Lane, near COFA just off Oxford Street.  Failing that, visit their blog at:

More work to follow so WATCH THIS SPACE!


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