Posted by: theoriginalmiss | May 23, 2013

Heritage in Australia

Below is a presentation that I gave to the Nexus Class at COFA at UNSW in May 2013 on “Heritage” here in Australia.  It gives a macro view of how heritage is preserved and conserved within Australia and was presented in contrast to the micro look at heritage as celebrated by artists and the arts by my collaborator and co-presenter Sarah Parker, artist and founder/team member of Reverie Projects.

The tools we used for the collaboration were email and phone, although we did meet in person on a couple of occasions in order to touch base and actually see what the other was up to.  I tried to get to grips with using Prezi, an online presenting tool for dynamic and contemporary presentations.  I hadn’t heard of this tool until Marina, one of the other Nexus students, delivered a simple Prezi to the class. Sarah and I initially felt that this would be a great presentation tool for us to use in order to get over the problem, or rather inability I had with emailing my large powerpoint presentation to Sarah.  However, although my initial reaction to it was positive, as a novice, I found it was overly complicated to convert my powerpoint into a Prezi.  I thus felt that it detracted from what I was actually trying to say with my slides, primarily because I was then unfamiliar not only with my subject matter, but also with Prezi.   I stayed with the tried and tested powerpoint, and advised Sarah, who claims to be much more unfamiliar with things IT than me, to steer clear of it, certainly for this presentation.

This collaboration was interesting in many ways as both Sarah and I brought our many and varied skills to the project which coincidentally and perfectly complimented each other.  Sarah is much more creative, has a better understanding of running artist collaborations in order to highlight heritage due to her involvement with Reverie Projects, and has an eye for minutiae, whilst my environmental management learnings have taught me not only how to research more broadly in order to get an overview of complex, and perhaps somewhat drier subject matter, but also how to deliver that in a concise and understandable manner.  Whilst we kept abreast of what one another was doing, neither of us tried to micro manage the other: hence all the elements from research to writing and delivery of the presentation went smoothly.

Sarah and I intend to continue our collaborate efforts together into the future.  We are already working on putting a proposal together for an art exhibition in another heritage house situated in Sydney, and Sarah is going to meet with the other team members of Reverie Projects to see if they agree to my becoming involved in some sort of social media  capacity.  To see what Sarah does with Reverie Projects visit:

Here is the presentation.  Please click on the images to get a closer view:


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