Posted by: theoriginalmiss | April 22, 2013

“Seagull” featured

IPhone only - no filter, no edit.

IPhone only – no filter, no edit.

I took this photograph of a seagull last week whilst having fish and chips for lunch in the park with my children and some friends at Watson’s Bay in Sydney.  The gulls were attracted by the promise of food and swooped all around us, much to the kids’ delight.  Mine also as I took advantage of a photo opportunity.  I snapped quite a few shots but this is the one that stood out.  This epitomises my love of  iPhoneography – I always have my mobile phone on me so no regrets about not bringing the camera along!

The only “editing” I did was to crop the photo: in my books, that’s not editing, but some might think it is.  I posted it to Instagram and a friend recommended I try the tag #seagull_monday, which I did.  I think the “monday” refers to when they pick their featured posts : and lo and behold, I was delighted to discover this morning that Seagull Monday (@seagull_monday on Instagram) chose my shot as the first in their triple feature.  Thanks, Seagull Monday.  It’s always nice to start the week on a positive note – and a very seagull Monday to everyone!



  1. Meanwhile, on Seagull_Monday in Devon, Herring Gulls disrupted afternoon lessons in the Technology Dept by pecking on the skylights. Seriously, I don’t know what they are trying to achieve, but they are persisitently irritating! Well done, again, Paula. You are really making a name for yourself and your phone! xx

    • Thanks Bridge for those encouraging words but they might be overstating it just a bit!!! I agree that seagulls can be a complete pest but they photograph oh so beautifully!! X

  2. Beautiful shot.

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