Posted by: theoriginalmiss | April 14, 2013

MobileMasters, travels and other interactions

So it has been a while since I have posted here and a number of things have happened since then.  Firstly, my family and I visited my parents and siblings in the UK over the Christmas and New Year period. Whilst we were there, we made the most of the proximity to Europe and I was delighted to get the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Venice.  That place is a photographer’s heaven and my iPhone – well, it’s really a camera that sometimes gets used as a phone – got a real work out while we were there.  I also used it a lot during our visits to friends in both London and Norfolk (see photos below).

Then back at the end of January after  I had returned to Australia, I discovered that when Dan Marcolina released his iPad ebook entitled “Mobile Masters:  Crossing the Threshold”, he also announced the winners of an Instagram #MobileMasters MacWorld photo competition: from  6,000 submissions, around 100 images were selected, one of which was mine, (see “On a Street in Charing Cross” below).

Also in January, I joined the AMPt Community – “a global network of Mobile Photographers, Artists & Videographers.  Teach. Learn. Share. Inspire”.  My involvement with the community was extremely slow to start with but gradually I have found my way around the site and started interacting and “meeting” the other artists.  I’ve had a featured photo and one photo of the day (“Alleyway at Night” below)See which is rather exciting, and more recently I became a member of their Twitter team, so look out for my tweets on mobile photography using #AMPtChat Friday mornings Sydney time.



  1. Lovely pictures, Paula, and congrats on your awards! I love how the man walking in Venice looks like he’s walkinhg on water, and the flip made me feel dizzy – very clever!

    • Thanks Bridget. Life had got in the way of blogging for a while – this year I started working p/t at the College of Fine Arts of my uni and I’m also doing my penultimate course towards my Masters… so been a bit full on. Thanks re photos – that’s Greg in Venice!! Hope you’re well – will pop over to your blog! xx Oh no Bridge – where’s it gone?

      • I don’t know!!! It should be where it always is.

    • I don’t mean to alarm you Bridget but when I try and go to Skippingoverquicksand, via your links, it comes up as no longer available and says the authors have deleted it! :0(

      • Weird. Def not deleted. I have been having hits in the last hour. Try in a new tab x

      • Thanks Bridget. I found it!! The links might be a bit dud – or I’m just a bit thick!

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