Posted by: theoriginalmiss | December 8, 2012

Pixel Revolution and mObilepixation’s Wall Of Dreams ExhibitiOn of mobile artistry!

My entry for mObile pixatiOn's Wall of Dreams Exhibition in Unit24 Gallery, London Dec 5 - 2, 2012

My entry for mObilepixatiOn’s Wall of Dreams as part of the Pixel Revolution Exhibition at Unit24 Gallery, London Dec 5 – 21, 2012

All 55 images that comprised the Wall of Dreams.

This white goldfish in a tank fascinated my son and I during a recent visit to our GP – it is just so beautiful – a perfect distraction from the waiting room. I took the photo using my iPhone and edited the image, totally removing the background using the app “Juxtaposer”. The image became both minimalist and dreamy whilst still retaining a sense of its mesmerising movement. I felt it perfect to submit via Instagram for mObilepixatiOn’s Wall of Dreams. The exhibition was the brainchild of mObile pixatiOn’s Marina Akwa, @iPhonehista on Instagram, whilst the Wall of Dreams has been put together by guest curator Jennifer Thomas (@Ikebana_Jen on Instagram). mObilepixatiOn is a response to what Akwa calls the pixel revolution: the nexus of new technology, social media and art. This has allowed a new art form to arise that embraces the everyday and allows everyone and anyone to join in, breaking down previous boundaries that existed between art and snapshot.

Although the show, apart from the Wall of Dreams, is not an Instagram exhibition per say, it has to be said that I am a big fan of Instagram: for those of us who have consistently been taking hitherto secret snapshots of images that intrigue us – ripples in the sand, interesting peelings of paint, discrete street scenes or other, often almost invisible, lines and fractals of nature – Instagram gives us permission to finally own up and share these images with a wider audience. Unlike many other social media, Instagram virtually ensures you an audience since it’s aim is expression through photographs, however you define them, distinguishing it from social media platforms such as Facebook where often the connection between “friends” is tenuous at best.

Another reason I am keen on Instagram is that in many ways I believe it is a more sustainable form of art, with its multiple, virtual galleries that dispense with the necessities of equipment and property in order to exhibit in the material world, and found merely by the use of a hash tag. The rise in smart phone usage, and the multiple usages of said phones mean that there is no need to go out and buy oneself a load of kit in order to take up iPhoneography. Armed merely with your phone, and for the price of a few, usually extremely inexpensive, apps you can be up and running, not only taking photos on your phone, but also editing them instantly.

Whilst mObilepixatiOn is now making mobile photography, or iPhoneography, material in the world through the Wall of Dreams component of the exhibition and a gallery, this should not be seen as a step backwards for the sustainability of mobile photography, merely another reinvention of the young genre. What it does offer is yet more possibility for those armed with a smart phone and a host of apps; a recognition of the emerging artform; an invitation to those unconvinced to join in; and a strong message that, like it or not, iPhoneography, mobile photography and the pixel revolution are here to stay.



  1. Great post. You have almost sold Instagram to me ……….. if only I had an iPhone!!!

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